Company History

        The AIRA Factoring Plc, which the former name was the Dhanamitr Factoring Plc, was incorporated on January 6, 1997 with a registered capital of Bt. 20 million through a joint venture between Central Retail Corporation Ltd and the Siam Commercial Bank Plc. group. After the financial crisis, the Company increased its registered capital consecutively. On the March 2, 2004, the Company was converted to the public company limited and issuing 4 millions new shares to sell to public via IPO and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand - MAI. This resulted in the Company has registered capital and paid-up capital in the amount of Baht 100 million (20 million ordinary shares), partition to Chirathivat group 48%, Business Venture Promotion Co., Ltd. group 8% and SCB 4%.
Later on February 2011, there was a significant change in the major shareholder. The AIRA Capital Plc cooperated with the Summit Corporation Company Limited had agreed to purchase ordinary shares of the Company from the former shareholders, comprising the Chirathiwat group, the Business Venture Promotion Limited, the Siam Commercial Bank Plc and some of minor shareholders. As the result of the prosposed transaction, the major shareholder structure consists of the AIRA Capital Plc held shares in the amount of 57%, the Summit Corporation held 22%. Recently, on September 2011, the Company has increased its registered capital from Baht 100 million to Baht 200 million.